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fix(deps): update dependency aws-sdk to v2.1626.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
aws-sdk dependencies minor 2.1625.0 -> 2.1626.0

Release Notes

aws/aws-sdk-js (aws-sdk)


Compare Source

  • bugfix: EC2: do not serialize empty lists for EC2
  • feature: Chatbot: This change adds support for tagging Chatbot configurations.
  • feature: CloudFormation: Added DeletionMode FORCE_DELETE_STACK for deleting a stack that is stuck in DELETE_FAILED state due to resource deletion failure.
  • feature: KMS: This release includes feature to import customer's asymmetric (RSA, ECC and SM2) and HMAC keys into KMS in China.
  • feature: OpenSearch: This release adds support for enabling or disabling a data source configured as part of Zero-ETL integration with Amazon S3, by setting its status.
  • feature: WAFV2: You can now use Security Lake to collect web ACL traffic data.


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