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  • v1.0.4-beta31
    c17fb821 · chore: 🔖 v1.0.4-beta31 ·
  • v1.0.4-beta3
  • v1.0.4-beta2
  • v1.0.3
  • v1.0.0
    65157a42 · Merge branch 'develop' ·
    # Firefish
    Welcome to the new era of FIREFISH!
    <img src="" height="320px"/>
    # Changelog
    ## Major changes from last release candidate
    - Firefish branding and [new repo](!
    - Far better Mastodon API support
    - Edits are now non-experimental
    - Support for secondary cache server
    - Link verification with `rel=me`
    - Store antennas in cache
    - Post imports with media
    - Sytle fixes
    - More translations
    - Performance upgrades
    - Bug fixes
    - Faster build
    - [FoundKey]( -> Firefish migration fixes
    ## Major changes from stable
    All of the above, plus:
    - Post editing
    - Post imports
    - New post design
    - New header design
    - Better accessibility
    - Server silences
    - Modmail
    - New MFM effects
    - Meilisearch search engine
    - Channel search
    - Improved system emails
    - cuid2 IDs
    - Emoji skin tones
    - New 2FA flow
    - Reduced visual clutter
    - Deck view improvements
    # Upgrading
    ## If upgrading from v13 (old stable)
    **In addition to the rest of the steps after this**:
    - Install the Rust toolchain (v1.68.0 or higher): <>
    - (Optional) install Meilisearch to use as a search engine instead of Sonic: <>
    - Replace your config file (`.config/default.yml`) with a blank version of the example (`.config/example.yml`) and re-enter the information. This will make things easier.
    ## Dependencies
    - Upgrade to at least Node v20.3.1 (v20.4.0 recommended).
    - (Optional, recommended) install DragonflyDB and configure under `cacheServer`: <>
    ## Set new repo and pull
    git remote set-url origin
    git pull --ff
    In case you get an error like:
    error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by merge:
    Please move or remove them before you merge.
    rm ./packages/backend/assets/LICENSE
    git reset --hard origin/develop
    git pull --ff
    ## Upgrade packages
    corepack enable
    pnpm i
    ## Build
    NODE_ENV=production pnpm run buld
    ## Migrate
    There are 3 new envoriment variables for this upgrade only, because antennas have been moved from the database to the cache.
    - `ANTENNA_MIGRATION_SKIP`: skips copying antennas to cache if `true`. Default is `false` (will clear all antennas if skipped).
    - `ANTENNA_MIGRATION_COPY_LIMIT`: limits how many entries are copied to cache. Default is `0` (no limit).
    - `ANTENNA_MIGRATION_READ_LIMIT`: limits how many entires are read from the database
    in each iteration of migration. Large value may result in faster migration, but also may consume more memory. Default is `10000`.
    With default options:
    NODE_ENV=production pnpm run migrate
    With custom options (feel free to only use some):
    And then restart Calckey...uh... Firefish!
  • v14.0.0-rc3
  • v14.0.0-rc2c
    0485b545 · release: 🚑 rc2c ·
  • v14.0.0-rc2b
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  • v14.0.0-rc2a
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  • v14.0.0-rc2
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  • v14.0.0-rc
  • v13.2.0-beta9h
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  • v13.2.0-beta9
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  • v13.2.0-beta8
  • v13.2.0-beta7
  • v13.2.0-beta6
  • v13.2.0-beta5
  • v13.2.0-beta4
  • v13.2.0-beta31
    6e898249 · beta 31 ·
  • v13.2.0-beta2