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refactor: Iceshrimp’s Mastodon API implementation with original extensions

Eana Hufwe requested to merge eana/firefish:iceshrimp_mastodon into develop

What does this PR do?

Porting Iceshrimp’s Mastodon API implementation with original extensions to Firefish, replacing Megalodon’s implementation.

Resolves #10880, #10920, #10717, #10716, #10699, #10697, #10659, #10657, #10543, #10591, #10230, #9637, #10278 (unverified).

Partially resolves #9691.

Breaking changes

  • The new API uses a new format to manage Mastodon sessions in the database, whereas old implementation uses Misskey sessions. All previous client app and token registrations will not work with the new API. All clients need to be re-registered and all users need to re-authenticate.
  • All IDs (of statuses/notes, notifications, users, etc.) will be using the alphanumerical format, aligning with the Firefish/Misskey API. The old numerical IDs will not work when queried against the new API.

Contribution Guidelines

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If this merge request makes changes to the Firefish API, please update docs/

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Co-authored-by: Laura Hausmann
Co-authored-by: CookiLover311
Co-authored-by: AkiraFukushima

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